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The pajama exploits the therapeutic qualities of color to balance the body.

It’s well-known that colors have an influence on our psycho-physical organism.

The pajama has been inspired based on a sequence of basic color therapy, harmonizing the

disturbed energy flow, promoting a natural balance of our body.

All disorders, pain, symptoms are a consequence of an imbalance in our body.

Color therapy works on the subtle energy that governs all life processes, it does NOT directly cure pain, symptoms (such as aspirin with pain) but balances the basic energy disturbance that originally produced the symptom.

The main problems that were tested:

- Chronic headaches

- Sleep disturbances

- Fatigue, apathy

- Several pains without "medical justification"

- Small eczema

The results were so surprising to make us wish to offer the product on the market, in order to make it possible for everyone to benefit.

It has also proved a good ally of our immune system, a system frequently weakened and left alone. Physical but also emotional stress, fatigue, worries diminish the effectiveness of our immune system and therefore we get sick more easily.

The pajamas is not directed only to persons who suffer from these types of disorders, because harmonizing the natural balance of our body can be beneficial to everyone.

A simple pajamas can make a big difference!

To take full advantage of its quality, it is recommended to hang the pajama during the day in open air or at least where it can get some light , so it can "charge".

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